Welcome to the Karate Club of the Shotokai Sports Group of Traditional Karate!

Our group follows the karate line of Kase Taiji sensei, which we followed for 13 years until his death in November 2004.

We have been fortunate to be able to train, in addition, over more than 30 years with great Japanese and Okinawan masters, which has allowed us to follow a clearly traditional training line based on reliable and direct sources.

Our group follows the line of traditional karate, with two of the many teachers with whom we have trained: the Japanese line of the master Kase Taiji, 9 dan, which is born from SHOTOKAI, opposite to the line of sports and gymnastic karate of other lines, and with study of Okinawa Kata from the Matsumura line of katsuya Miyahira, 10th dan.

Traditional karate prioritizes the preservation of the concepts of body use, breathing, techniques and kata from its origins, discarding the evolution of karate towards sports.